Macrobiotics is not a radical theory or an extreme diet, but it is a basic traditional way of living, providing fundamental principles of how to live in harmony with nature. Macrobiotics is about balanced eating and can be used as a preventative for illness, both physical and mental, healing, energetic purposes or as a general day-to-day philosophy.

The Macrobiotic Shop

We are the only dedicated macrobiotic online shop in the UK. We sell a wide range of high quality organic wholefoods for an optimum vegan/plant-based lifestyle.  We also offer cooking classes for those new to macrobiotics/veganism/plant-based cooking. These classes suit all abilities, from beginner to experienced.

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A late spring terroir kimchi

As spring transitions into summer here in the Peak District, there is now an incredible abundance of wild greens to enjoy. It’s a great time to forage for dandelions, mugwort, wild garlic, nettles, goose grass, heather and Jack-by-the-hedge. So we have been experimenting, brewing a tasty dandelion beer, dandelion tempura and a mugwort and cranberry …


Want to get involved in an on-line macrobiotic community?

We have now launched an online discussion forum for anyone interested in sharing their ideas, experiences, recipes and questions on macrobiotics, veganism and plant-based food.

Not everyone is on Facebook and a forum can retain a knowledge base and can even be more intimate. We feel Facebook is too fast-paced for our slower living style.

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More about us

We operate from the beautiful area of the Peak District National Park. All our products are hand-picked for their integrity and merit in promoting health and well-being. We have a strong commitment to promote organically certified products and those that have been grown or sourced from high quality, living soil. We are always continuing our search for the best products with our customers health in mind.

Our foods are dairy and refined sugar-free, wholefoods, certified organic and some of our body care range are certified by the Vegan Society. We have listed all the ingredients in each product to help you choose a specific food for your dietary concerns. We are also teaming up with local, organic vegetable and herb growers to bring fresh and seasonal produce to the shop.