Product review: IQ Superfood Chocolate

Even those transitioning to a strict macrobiotic lifestyle can occasionally be tempted by a piece of chocolate. Chocolate suffers from a poor image, yet this is hardly surprising as most of what we call chocolate is mainly sugar, milk and additives. Check the label of a lot of organic chocolate which available in supermarkets and you will find the same thing. Although the ingredients are of higher quality, there is still far too much sugar and the processes involved rob the chocolate of much of its nutritional value, even if it does taste delicious.

The Macrobiotic Shop is no stranger to the temptations of chocolate. We believe that the right chocolate, taken in small doses, can go a long way to satisfying sweet cravings, for example when we are on the road. Good chocolate can also provide a lot of genuine nutritional benefits. For a long time we have stocked a very good sugar free and dairy free chocolate bar made by La Finestra. But recently we took on a new chocolate supplier, IQ Superfood Chocolate.

IQ Superfood Chocolate is made in Stirling, Scotland and claims to be nut free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soya free and with a low GI. Jane of IQ Chocolate contacted us to see what we thought.¬† We wondered what it would taste like, given its extraordinary health claims. Our first impressions are that this chocolate is in a class of its own, and so we immediately ordered our first batch. The taste and texture are really outstanding. This is probably thanks to the exquisite beans which are imported from Peru and ground in Scotland. It’s also a raw chocolate, which means that the fantastic nutritional benefits of the cacao bean are preserved.

The chocolate is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, which results in a lower GI than many other sweeteners, including maple syrup, sugar or brown rice syrup. But, as with all sugars, the most important thing is simply to consume less of it. Taste-wise, IQ Superfood Chocolate is exquisite. It’s not overly sweet, and the flavour of the beans can really be appreciated. The company makes a wide range of flavours using all organic ingredients, including:

Unlike some other raw chocolates we have tried, the texture is not at all gritty and the taste is far superior. We recommend starting with the cacao nib crunch.

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